Road Rescue

Help on the road, but make it affordable

If you have a car, eventually you’re going to need a rescue. That’s us. Road Rescue is roadside help (without the highway robbery).

Towing + road service

Having a breakdown? We’ll tow you to the nearest service station. Flat tire? We’ll change it. Out of gas? We’ll bring you up to 3 gallons. Locked out or need a new set of keys? We do that, too. Dead battery? We’ll jump it. (Up to $100, limit 3 claims per year).

Emergency trip interruption

Broke down on your way to your vacation? We’re on our way—with $1,000. If you’re more than 50 miles from home, we’ll reimburse you for hotels, meals, rental cars, and other costs racked up because of a break down.

Lost key protection

If you’ve ever lost your car keys, you know how expensive they are to replace. We can help with that, too. With Road Rescue, we’ll give you $100 to put towards the cost of replacing your lost or stolen keys. How’s that sound?